Certification course Education methods

The Department of Applied Economics offers full-time and part-time certification courses in Teaching for Economists

This course supplements the 2 years master’s degree programme and qualifies course graduates to teach economics related disciplines in secondary schools.
The course is organised by the FA PU Institute of Lifelong Learning.

The deadline for applications is 30 November of the respective academic year. DAE provides courses in the Didactics of Economics Education (Didactics of degree/non-degree programme).  

In the STAG system, winter term courses are registered as KEA/D1UZ and summer term courses are KAE/D2UZ.

Detailed information about the content and organisation of the course of study is provided here.

DAE contact person: Mgr. Jaromír Tomčík (jaromir.tomcik@upol.cz), Mgr. Pavla Slavíčková, Ph.D. (pavla.slavickova@upol.cz)

Study Material: J. Tomčík: Didaktika ekonomie, Olomouc 2015.