The DAE Keys to Success

Information for all DAE students (even if you only take one course!)

Five principles of successful study at DAE

  1. Make sure to read all of the documents published at and follow all instructions.
    Important information and deadlines are posted on the web page and in the documents. Students will not be further notified of these deadlines and requirements, but failure to comply may seriously affect your study!!!
  2. Visit the DAE blog every day for current news and updates. It is available at and you can find a link on the DAE web page. If you don't have your own computer with connection to the internet, use the public reading rooms. You can find them at the Armoury (Zbrojnice) and in the PC room at the Faculty of Arts.
  3. Never ask for any information until you have completed points 1 and 2. If you still have questions, your first point of contact is the DAE secretariat. Contact the Head of DEA or your teacher only after you have spoken with the secretariat. In the event you must contact the department head or your instructor, do not forget to comply with point 4.
  4. If you want to talk with the members of the DEA faculty personally, please strictly respect their office hours. We are ready to help you during our office hours.
    Outside of office hours the faculty has other work to do (e.g. we prepare our lectures, write our articles, carry out our research, etc.). Therefore we may be in a bad mood when disturbed. Deal with simple matters electronically. If you are unable to come during office hours, please arrange an appointment by email.
  5. If you still need information to guarantee a successful study experience at DAE and you have not yet read the DAE web page or blog, then please do so now.